"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way."

- Georgia O'Keefe - 

I love color.


Born and raised in Texas by strong Southern women, my love of interiors started at a young age in homes of rich history with traditions of beauty and grace. I can remember every detail of the first house I lived in - the mouldings, the width of the staircase, the Georgian proportions, the pink brick and green carpeting in my father’s den. 

I’ve spent years adventuring, exploring, and discovering the world. And each place I entered, each space I experienced, added to my understanding of color and how integral it is to the human condition. 


I love light.


Even an all white space can feel full of color when you use light to its potential. This is when the custom switch plate gets ordered with room for ten - because we have flush mounts, recessed, sconces, pendants, chandeliers, and task lighting all with their starring roles. 


I love layers.


The five senses are engaged in every space I create. Like a landscape, things will recede and come forward - the smell could be a bit salty from the sea, the sun is gentle on the skin, and the faint sound of wind may kiss the air. I start with the “giddy” - the magic element that begins it all. And then come the layers. All the layers, There will be quiet layers. There will be unexpected color. There will be tactile moments. There will be textures and light. And there will be practical surfaces...the space should perform.

Furniture is meant to be used - there should be pillows enough for the one who perches and the one who lounges. Beautiful and always thoughtful. But not too precious...not so dear that the space is untouchable. Preserve the opportunity for a sharpie marker portrait or cityscape to be found decades later behind back cushions or blending in with the toile pattern.